How to Handle Internet Casino Disputes

Internet Casino disputes are commonplace when you start online gambling. However many players are very callous and unconcerned about these disputes. Resolving them is the last thing on a regular player’s mind too. However it is necessary to have a basic idea about how Internet Casino disputes should be handled so that you can think rationally and act in your best personal interest.

The most basic thing to do incase you doubt foul play is to recheck the rules and regulations of the casino. It is necessary to be sure that you are not at fault. It can be very embarrassing to find out that you misinterpreted the rules and wrongly alleged the online casino.

Incase of Internet Casino disputes wherein the casino takes responsibility for their wrong doing you should make a fact sheet of the entire episode. This sheet should include finer details like the time, date, amount and games involved. This helps provide correct and useful information when Internet Casino disputes go to an unbiased third party for resolving.

Online casinos have a live chat system to provide customer support especially incase of Internet Casino disputes. You can log in to the live chat and inform the casino staff of an action that you need to dispute. Another way to communicate this is via e-mail or fax. A follow up can be taken on live chat. All the conversations of the live chat should be saved.

Incase Internet casino disputes are not solved satisfactorily the next step is to take the dispute to an arbitrator generally appointed by the casino. If the online casino carries the seal of eCOGRA then that acts like an arbitrator. The authority under which the casino has been licensed can also resolve Internet casino disputes.

It is necessary to go to the arbitrator with concrete information or he may not take the matter seriously. He needs to be given time to hear the online casino’s version of the story before taking a final decision. Incase there is no arbitrator appointed by the casino the you can take Internet Casino disputes to the watch dog of the portal commonly called Casinomeister.

People also take these Internet Casino disputes to public message boards. This can cause you to loose your integrity with the online casino fraternity. A reputed online casino minimizes the likelihood of a dispute entirely.

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